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    The best and easiest way would be to edit PokemonEvolution in the scripts and use a switch OR a variable(I would use a variable if you want Espeon or Umbreon before the other);

    To use a switch, set a switch for this particular thing, set it to true in the event AFTER you beat the gym leader... Then add:
    && $game_switches[x]==true
    Change x to fit the number...

    For a variable;

    Maybe you'll want to have on before the other... But that's a diferent type of question.

    But variable is the same, just set the variable to 1, and add;
    && $game_variables[x]>=1
    After the evolution method that has happinessday and happinessnight as "poke if" I'm not at a computer at the moment so I can't specify the exact method but that's how you'd do it at least...

    This means that when any Pokemon can't evolve by day or night. Until you turn one of this on so hopefully you won't have that problem

    EDIT: damn you Maruno you beat me haha
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