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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post

@Curious. Good point, I guess Bug/Water would be rather irrelevant for Masquerain... but I just find it strange that they'd have a pond skater evolve into a... moth. Surskit had so much potential to be an early bug that was really unique and different from the rest, and they kinda ruined it in my opinion, Which is a shame because surskit is really cool in my opinion.
Mm yeah, I agree. It would have been lovely to see a new, unique pokemon rather than the cliche moth. But now if one thinks about it, Masquerain could essentialy maintain the combo of it's pre-evolution -- Masque - rain (With rain obviously being water.)

And I do think there could be a few more ideas for bug/water type combinations; like a Mosquito for example. They live and are born in water, so I'm sure Gamefreak could certainly work on this idea.

Edit: A reward system does sound really good, and it's proven especially useful in giving clubs that little extra something, over just discussion. Although like Olli did mention, it'd need activity for it to be used to the best of it's abilities, so that could be a potential problem. Nevertheless it's a great idea.
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