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    Originally Posted by KidRollin View Post
    I think i posted the picture properly as for the battle they went smoothly and it let me catch them but in my box there not there. Also when i come across them they have a pokeball next to them showing i caught them.
    Thanks to you I found the problem. It is a rare bug that occurs when the box is full.

    Originally Posted by or19937 View Post
    It's been years since i've played a pokemon game that I can't grind in a ridiculous speed.

    Awesome game, bro. LOVED IT.
    I am thinking about new ways of making the game faster without a fastforward button. Probably I will put an option to make the text more fast in battle.

    Originally Posted by Gamefan View Post
    I've been playing this for the past couple of days and I love it. For some reason I keep running into Eevees. I could have an entire Eevee team at this rate. Imagine my glee when I finally caught Scyther and then saw a trade for Pinsir. Time to crush everything.

    Seriously, every other Pokemon I meet on the beach is an Eevee. I've bumped into three en route to the second beach portal. I think it's just weird luck, but it's weird. Pidgeys are rare for me!
    Weird luck. Note that Pidgey has only the twice of Eevee encounter rate.
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