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    Who's all enjoying the Collab??

    So I was playing Brawl like nonstop the past few days. I have decided on my top 5 & I told a few that I'd give my official choices:

    5: Zero Suit Samus- What an amazing gal to use. Of course using her special would use her Suit Samus, but her special as Samus to go back to Zero Suit is quite devastating. Samus is a bit boring to use in my opinion, but I love using her without her suit, that's when she's the most enjoyable. That's actually the only bad thing for me using her. I often don't really want to get the orb but its a game changer if I don't. LOL

    4: Pikachu- Fast, amazingly easy to recover with, special is FUN to use, easy attacks to KO enemy. What more can you ask for? The only bad thing about using Pikachu? Real lightweight and can easily be KO'd. Of course sitting there spamming Thunder or anything is the most boring thing in the world, that's what most people would say/do. I rather jump over them and have the lightning come down on them while Pikachu is moving toward whichever direction he's going.

    3: Marth- I forgot how fun he is using. He's actually real close to a tie with Falco. Both Marth & Falco were tough choices but I'd have to put Marth #3 because it just felt right. I love Marth's deflect move. He can wield the sword, certainly a lot better than Ike can. I liked Marth better than Roy even in Melee. The prince is just an overall great character to use & that's what I like about him, really.

    2: Falco- Do I need to explain? I've been a Star Fox can, probably the biggest fan you'll ever meet of one. That's why I played Fox for most of my time in the original & Melee. Falco is more of a fan favorite toward his badass personalty, like a lady's man. I can relate to that If anything necessary, the need of Krystal to be introduce would easily replace Falco Falco's special is just one of the best and easiest to control, when used correctly, it does give a huge disadvantage at everyone else's special (Fox&Wolf being real close with some small differences). You could easily get 6 KO with one Special with Falco! As used as I am with Fox's Recovery (Up + B) move, I still have to get used to Falco's.

    1: Peach- Easily one of the top 3 best in recovery moves. But that's not why. Peach is just overall my favorite person ever. She's always fun to use. I love her Peach Bomb & her > + A Move (Attack with her Crown). Plus her singing taunt is my favorite of 'em all! :D I do practically everything with Peach in every game you can think of. So there's a truth when I say we have a special bond

    So one could ask what happened to Zelda? I still love using Zelda. I prefer everyone else. She would probably be #7 behind these 5 + Wolf. I've been using Sheik a lot more actually. So it's actually Zelda/Sheik now, of course, Zelda has an advantage over Sheik. Her > + B is perhaps the easiest way to get a Special Orb.