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Welcome to the club NixChill! Hope you'll have fun and stick around :)

Originally Posted by Curious. View Post

Edit: A reward system does sound really good, and it's proven especially useful in giving clubs that little extra something, over just discussion. Although like Olli did mention, it'd need activity for it to be used to the best of it's abilities, so that could be a potential problem. Nevertheless it's a great idea.
I don't think activity will be a problem in this club actually, though getting members to join is what will be hard. People don't really use userbars anymore, so clubs get a lot less advertisement, as well as with Bug types not being the most loved typings of them all xD But yeah, if current members do stick by and add to discussion, I think the chance of more members will be slightly greater, as well as with the chance of that system being implemented being much bigger :D
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