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    Rion Mazer

    Rion saw her turn away with pink cheeks out of the corner of his eye and paled. She saw. She saw it. "I... I can..." Oh dear Arceus what was he supposed to do? He had just gone and traumatized a girl with a gaping jagged hole in his face. Oh god, oh dear sweet Arceus... calm down. Think of the steps. Step One: Don't jump to conclusions.

    ...Okay that was a fail. Step Two: take deep breaths and slowly compose yourself. Rion closed his eye and slowly began to inhale and exhale, calm his racing heart and let his trembling body look like something not caught in a massage chair on high. For those few moments, he hesitantly looked for what to say...

    Only for his train of thought to be abruptly derail due to Rotom in his face, the Electric Ghost giggling like somebody's Zorua laugh track. Unfortunately, Rion had been in a very precarious state of calm... and now that was completely shattered. To his credit, the one-eyed boy didn't scream. He didn't move, frozen with terror and surprise.

    Instead he began to cry.

    Deena sighed gently as her human's one ice-blue seeing device scrunched up to release salt water as the boy's composure faded into dismal memories. She gently began to butt her head against Rion's collarbone, her trainer now shifting backward as if to turn and flee like a frightened Poochyena. Of course, he proceeded to do so, completely humiliated by his own failure at handling the situation and the Rotom's prank having sent his adrenaline skyrocketing. Deena the Absol gave Yuki a curious look before padding after him. Someone had to make sure he didn't go run off a cliff.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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