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Here are my faves:

Ash - The BEST Protagonist ever and he is so cute with his Pikachu!

Bianca - So clumsy and cute! She is always hyperactive.

Barry - Yep. Bianca and Barry are so related, not really. Also, Hyperactive.


Dawn - The Girl I Really Admire!

Paul - ...hmph... Thats All I Have for Him

Stephan - Much like Butch from Team Rocket cuz other people didn't pronounce his name right.

The fave characters from Game that appear in one or couple episodes:
Flint (E4), Volkner, Aaron (Both Movie 8 and Sinnoh E4), Alder, Byron, Roark, Wake, Elesa, Lt. Surge and Ranger Ben.

The Fave Characters of the Day:
AJ, Samurai, Sho (DP074), Glenn (BW067), Narissa.

Info on Pokemon Characters:

Flint - Tough and Hard-Hitting with an Afro. He is also friends with Wild Bouffalant lol.
Volkner - One an Emo Dude, Now a brave Sunyshore representative
AJ - Like his voice, as opposed to Meowth lol.
Narissa - She is sure of herself and keeps her head in the game by admiring Flint.
Alder - He helped me enjoy life!
Roark - Dunno.
Byron - A digging enthusiast and he's 40!
Elesa and Wake used to be my favorite Leaders. Although Elesa and Volkner (Denkami) is implied.
Aaron - Yep. Girls think he's H4WT!!! Wish he has Scolipede and Galvantula
Ranger Ben - I like him of his optimistic ways, much like cilan.
Jack Walker - 2nd favorite Ranger.
Attila - Very tough and the coolest badass ever.
Glenn - Looks like Beyblade Blader DJ.
Sho - His street slang is awesome and specializes in Electric Types like Volkner, Elesa and Surge.

So this is why I chose Ash becaue of his Pikachu. ELECTRIC TYPES.
Although I like Piplup and Oshawott.
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