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    Okay, so here's my teams for every game. I decided posting previous gyms is pretty stupid.

    Pokemon FireRed

    CHARIZARD [Flame] Lv60
    Naive Nature @Quick Claw
    -Dragon Claw

    ARCANINE [Ashe] Lv58
    Bold Nature @None
    -Flame Wheel

    FLAREON [Flare] Lv58
    Quirky Nature @BlackGlasses
    -Fire Blast

    MVP: Flame; the CHARIZARD
    -This guy won the MVP spot by a long shot. He was an overleveled beast at the start, and continued being super useful even when the others caught up to him. Then near the end, after he was able to learn Dragon Claw and Earthquake, he became the strongest by a long shot, being the one to use for pretty much every Elite Four fight, those extra two levels prove it. I named him Flame because I name my Fire Starters after something related to fire.

    LVP: Flare; the FLAREON
    -This guy was definitely the LVP. Even though near the end, I didn’t know if it would go to Ashe or not, since when I first got him, he was a lot more useful then Ashe, but ended up being pretty average near the end, because of his limited moveset. But he was doing good for a Pokémon that is normally awful. I named him Flare, becau- it’s obvious. Flareon.

    Other: Ashe; the ARCANINE
    -On my first Fire Monotype run, this guy was amazing. This time around, not so much. It was him or Flare that was getting LVP and he’s lucky he wasn’t. Unlike last time I used him, I found him lacking in the moveset department, missing two attacks that would’ve helped immensely (Iron Tail & Bite). I named him Ashe after Ashes. Not after Ash Ketchum.

    Pokemon HeartGold
    Final Team:

    TYPHLOSION [Blaze] Lv80
    Impish Nature @Charcoal
    -Rock Slide

    ARCANINE [Ashe Jr.] Lv80
    Docile Nature @King's Rock
    -Thunder Fang
    -Iron Tail
    -Dragon Pulse

    MAGMORTAR [Nuker] Lv80
    Quiet Nature @Focus Sash
    -Fire Blast
    -Faint Attack
    -Hyper Beam

    MVP: Ashe Jr.; the ARCANINE
    -He definitely gets MVP, no doubt about it. Not only was he extremely powerful, his moveset was very effective for battling, because there were moves for each situation. Compared to others, he could take a lot of hits and dish out a lot of damage. I named him Ashe Jr. because he's an Arcanine just like Ashe in FireRed, although he didn't continue the trait of being horrible.

    LVP: Nuker; the MAGMORTAR
    -I wasn't sure about it at first, but he honestly deserves this spot. Even though his moveset isn't bad, in fact, it's pretty awesome, it's just that he didn't evolve until really late and because of that his stats just weren't good enough. Even as a Magmortar, he was easily defeated, his High Sp. Atk didn't make up for it. He was named Nuker because I couldn't remember his previous name (It was Burner, I remembered later on) so I decided to name him Nuker because his evolved name has Mortar in it.

    Other: Blaze; the TYPHLOSION
    -He was a candidate for LVP, but he did pretty well near the very very end of the game and also the start. He had a pretty horrible moveset, all his good moves were Fire-Type, so it was hard to make him good for bad situations. But his Fire attacks could definitely dish out a lot of damage. I named him Blaze because it's related to fire. That and his ability is also Blaze.

    Pokemon Ruby
    Final Team:

    BLAZIKEN [FriedChick] Lv60
    Impish Nature @Quick Claw
    -Mirror Move
    -Sky Uppercut
    -Blaze Kick

    CAMERUPT [Volcanic] Lv60
    Naive Nature @Soft Sand
    -Rock Slide

    MAGCARGO [Fry] Lv60
    Jolly Nature @None
    -Body Slam
    -Rock Slide

    TORKOAL [Destroyer] Lv61
    Relaxed Nature @Macho Brace
    -Heat Wave

    -Body Slam

    MVP: Destroyer; the TORKOAL
    -This guy is a tank. Unlike the rest of the Fire-types, this guy, out of every single Fire-type I’ve used, can take the most hits. He deserves the top spot. His moveset was kind of lacking, but he had Protect (Which I didn’t use at all) that could’ve been useful and his other attacks were actually really powerful. I named him Destroyer because last time I used him, he was super good, he ‘destroye’d the competition.

    LVP: Fry; the MAGCARGO
    -This guy is horrible, I will never recommend him EVER. Almost any attack can pretty much One-hit him, even some not very effective attacks could! He was super slow and barely got any hits in. If anything, he’s just there to take a hit while I heal my actual good Pokémon. I called him Fry because you can ‘Fry’ something with fire. I was also thinking of Phillip J. Fry from Futurama.

    Other: FriedChick; the BLAZIKEN
    -Her name is pretty ridiculous, but she was actually really useful. She was good for the 3 Gyms I solo’d with her but not so good once I got the others. She evolved fairly late and she never really learnt anything good until going up against the Elite Four. Also, her Blaze Kick was super weak. I named her FriedChick because I ran out of Fire names and felt like going with something completely ridiculous.

    Volcanic; the CAMERUPT
    -If I didn’t have Fry, then she would have been LVP. She evolved really late, like the rest of them but her attacks weren’t really all that good at all. She was good just as she evolved and she learnt Rock Slide for Winona’s Gym, but otherwise, she became pretty weak and both Fissure and Earthquake never worked well. I named her Volcanic, because I couldn’t remember her previous name (It was Lucky I found out) and she gets two Volcano humps on her back as a Camerupt.

    Pokemon Platinum

    INFERNAPE [Inferno] Lv64
    Calm Nature @Fist Plate
    -Flare Blitz
    -Mach Punch
    -Close Combat


    RAPIDASH [Jet] Lv63
    Lax Nature @Silk Scarf
    -Fire Blast
    -Flare Blitz

    HOUNDOOM [Midnight] Lv64
    Quiet Nature @Iron Plate
    -Shadow Ball
    -Iron Tail
    -Dark Pulse

    MVP: Inferno; the INFERNAPE.
    -This was going to be either Komouri or him, but Ultimately, both were amazing near the end, but unlike Komouri who was a pain to use until End-Game, Inferno was strong for the entirety of it. He was able to take out all the strong pokemon that had type advantages in 2-3 Moves, which is more than I can say for the others. I called him Inferno, because I call all my Fire Starters something to do with Fire. E.g: Blaze, Burner, Flame.

    LVP: Jet; the RAPIDASH.
    -Since the other two were amazing, there had to be one that is lagging behind. Jet was that one. He didn’t really have a diverse moveset to make up for his stats, which were lower than Komouri’s Sp. Atk and Inferno’s Atk. He did have Fire Blast, which hit a lot of the time despite the low accuracy, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that without him, I probably would’ve done better. I named him Jet because of its speed. Or atleast what I knew about it’s speed.

    Other: Komouri; the HOUNDOOM
    -She barely missed the spot of MVP, even though her Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball & Flamethrower moves were amazing, she was definitely lagging behind in strength for the most of the game. Only near the end, did she become amazing. She took out most of the Elite Four’s Pokémon. I named her Komouri because at the time I was watching the Second Episode of Yu-Gi-Oh, where Yugi uses a card called ‘Komouri Dragon’. This might have been the start of me naming my Pokémon on what I was doing at the time. E.g: Melbourne, Tekkit, Noon.

    Pokemon White

    EMBOAR [Burner] Lv80
    Careful Nature @Expert Belt
    -Head Smash
    -Wild Charge
    -Flare Blitz
    -Arm Thrust

    SIMISEAR [D. Luffy] Lv80
    Relaxed Nature @BrightPowder
    -Flame Burst

    DARMANITAN [Melbourne] Lv80
    Careful Nature @Scope Lens
    -Flare Blitz
    -Hammer Arm

    CHANDELURE [Noon] Lv80
    Modest Nature @Spell Tag
    -Shadow Ball
    -Flame Burst


    Now I'm taking a big break before I do Water Type.