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Ryudo & Malik

As the duo walked over to a grassy hill and sat down, Malik had an expression on his face that clearly showed his minimal grasp on what had just happened. This was the quietest he'd ever seen Ryudo, but he wasn't going to say anything about it now. Ryudo was obviously too deep in his own thoughts to want to talk about the recent events; at least that's what he assumed.

"Y'know Malik, we've been friends for a while now right? So I can talk to you about this kind of stuff, yeah?" What kind of stuff? We've only known each other for one afternoon Ryudo! "It's just that guy - the one we just met - I don't know... Well, what did you think of him? I mean, he seemed nice. Really nice. Right? He wasn't angry or anything about me crashing in to him. That's a good sign, right? Well, actually he did have an angry expression on his face but... I'm sure he was just tired from the training? Or maybe he'd had a hard day? What do you think Malik? But then again... Oh why am I focussing so much on this? Come on Malik, what do you think? No wait, I've got it, I was sure I knew him from somewhere! He challenged Candice one time with only a Pidgey back in my home town of Snowpoint! I remember watching that battle like it was yesterday. So that Pidgey must be the Pidgeot we just saw eh? Well, I hope it has grown a lot since that battle or it'll be no match for our Pokémon. Even your Dragonair could handle it without breaking a sweat. Oh but maybe we should get to know him more? Or at least I should find him and apologize for what happened..." Ryudo paused for breath without noticing the look of bewilderment growing on Malik's face. "No wait, that's a stupid idea Malik! There's no way he wants to see me after what happened, that's just ridiculous! Oh but maybe he recognised me too? I'd sure like to get to know him better anyway, he seemed wonderful. And pretty cute, right Malik? Malik?"

"Uhm..." Replied the puzzled man. Does this kid ever stop talking...?

"Ha, I knew you agreed with me! So that's it, I'll go find him and tell him I'm sorry! Oh but... No. Never mind. This whole idea was stupid. Oh well, thanks for listening Malik. It's great having a friend like you around. So what did you think of his Pokémon anyway, think we'll have a tough time facing them in battle when this thing starts? I wonder why he was all alone..." And with that, Ryudo laid his head back against the grass whilst stretching out his arms and looking up into the sky day dreaming. It was always like Ryudo to over think things, and today was going to be no exception. I wonder what he's doing now...
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