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    So I just won World Leader Tournament Singles (one with all Gym leaders) and got whooping 6BP o.O

    I got:

    Drayden: 3-0
    Cress: 1-0
    Fantina: 2-0

    Last time I beat World Leaders I got almost 3-0 each time and got 2BP xD

    Perhaps type effectiveness plays a part? My Azumarill's Ice Punch owned all of Drayden in one hit (except his Haxorus's Sash, but lolAquajet)

    Edit: On second thought, I think I just did region ones and didn't get as much, as I'm getting at least 6BP each time from World Leaders now. Finally got one Life Orb, doing much better. These people Choice Band the most random Pokemon with the most random moves.