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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Episode 3!

Ahhh, rather depressing! I can't help but wonder if people are actually dying. I mean, they have to take it as a given - it's not really something worth testing out.

Kind of wanted to see the battle against Nicholas the Renegade as well, not much action this week - hopefully some more next week. Alarmingly we seem to be quite high up the floors already o_o

Well the Side Stories never really did describe the battle, more on the fact that Kirito barely made it in the red even after packing tons of high level healing crystals.
Next Episode...another interesting one. We have this interesting cute Loli running around, I wonder what's happening to her? :3

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Episode 3!

I agree with this episode was pretty low on action and pretty high on depression. Where's Asuna! He needs his Geefriend again! I also thought they were flying up the floor level's rather fast. How many episodes is this suppose to be?
And yes why didn't they at least show some of the battle between Nic and Kirito .
Oh well I hope things pick back up in nexts week episode.

There will be a lack of Asuna until episode 5 I think. Then we'll get Murder Case which is KiriAsu stuff.

And these are all side stories, so the time skips are actually in the novel. Originally it was all a 2 year time skip and then every backstory was retconned in the Second Volume and Eighth Volume.

Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
!! Argo Spotted!....though i still do wish they did 2 eps of the meeting side-story so they could get some Argo in in more than one episode orz
Episode 3-wise:
I actually only skimmed through Red-Nosed Reindeer, so I partially didn't get the middle area of the story, though just with the beginning and end, it was pretty good. I definitely enjoyed it. While I'm a bit confused on why the guild system here doesn't let everyone see each member's respective levels, I can totally see it being Kayaba again >>

As far as the fight goes, Kirito probably outlevels that thing by like 20 levels cuz he's a grindaholic XD You even see him doing while part of Black Cats of teh Full Moon so in the episode XD

^ How some people reacted to the lack of Argo. xP

More than likely it's Kayaba's "feature" because he needed to hide his true character for his glorified RP xP

Yeah, he's 20 levels ahead of the guild. It was shown in the episode too IIRC, just before they went to the dungeon he was Lv.58 I think.

Series will be 25 eps, likely split into the first 4 books
the first two will probably last the first half (Game System: Sword Art Online), and 3 and 4 are expected second half (Game System: Alfheid Online)

I would think that the 2 seasons would be a SAO-ALO arc, then the next year's season will be GGO-Mother's Rosario.

By the time the LN's get fully published in 2014-ish we'll get Alicization.

And oh SAO: Progressive should be in full swing by then too heh. We'll look back at this anime rendition and think "Hey it's Sword Art Abridged!" xP
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