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Instead of hints, let's just talk about what we think we'll see/want to see in them then, haha. I know speculation covers a lot of everything else we've all talked about, but that seems to be doing more damage than good really and everyone's just getting sidetracked.

As I mentioned before, does anyone think Altering Cave will get better use this time? The 3DS' streetpass/spotpass could be perfect for something like that, along with that Special storage box paper thing(where you can get the Pikachu wallpaper) and Secret Bases of course.

I also wonder how Mirage Island will come into play this time. It was a real pain to access before, although understandable, just hope they'd make it a more realistic chance this time.

Do you think they'll expand on the Safari Zone?

Is anyone looking forward to being able to plant berries all over again? It's one of the things that gave Hoenn its more natural feel, so I'd hope they wouldn't leave it out.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?