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    -So went to Celadon City
    -Got the Hot Tea from old Lady
    -Gave the Tea to the guards
    -Went through the secret entrance of the apartments to get an Eevee
    -Called it Dissolver, evolved it to Vaporeon
    -Checked IV's on Psypokes IV Calculator, 31 HP IV without SRing!!!
    -Grinded Dissolver to Lv. 34
    -Went and beat up Team Rocket
    -Got the Coin Case, gambled for a bit
    -Went to Saffron
    -Got the Poke Flute
    -Beat the Fighting Gym
    -Did the whole Silph. Co thing, Whole team is Mid-High 40's
    -Obtained Lapras, named it Ferry
    -Grinded Ferry to Lv. 41
    -Beat Sabrina
    -Went to Fuschia City
    -Got HM's 03 & 04
    -Beat Koga
    -Surfed to Cinnabar Island
    -Revived Dome fossil, obtained Kabuto, named him Stabz

    I am now trying to get my # of pokemon caught to 50 so i can get an EXP. Share so i can grind Stabz

    The Team


    Lv. 5 (Stabz)
    Lv. 44 (Ferry)
    Lv. 45 (Chomp)
    Lv. 45 (Dissolver)
    Lv. 50 (Beast)

    I probably could of finished tonight, but i can't be stuffed grinding :/

    Screenshots of my PKMN

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