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    Originally Posted by Rygar2 View Post
    1.) Where is koromon obtainable from?
    2.) Which of the royal knights are available currently?
    3.) Hack looks pretty sweet from what i can tell so far, except there are random pokemon lol.
    4.) i found hagurumon is it safe to assume he will digivolve into hiandromon? (got him from beating the karate master).
    1. You can get Koromon from Digivolving Jyarimon if Attack = Defence. I think that's the only way at the moment. (Correct me if I'm wrong Epi)
    2.Omnimon (DNA digivolving MetalGarurumon with WarGreymon), Magnamon (Sun stone to Veemon, I don't think it's been replaced with the Golden digiegg yet).
    3. We appreciate that We haven't completely added all the digimon that we are planning on adding yet.
    4.As of yet, Hagurumon has no digivolutions. I'm sure that'll change soon enough

    Originally Posted by ProTsukoyomi View Post
    When you talk to old man in Route 1 the game crash...
    Epitaph was just using him for testing purposes, thanks for reporting that though!

    Originally Posted by アルセウス View Post
    What is the strongest digimon (by base stats)? Zeedmilleniummon?
    If I recall correctly, it is Omnimon. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong Epitaph!)

    Hit us up with an email when you get the chance Epitaph, haven't heard from you in a while.
    Just chillen :D

    I support these hacks