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Originally Posted by SiderealStop View Post
Maruno - Ohhh a global switch makes sense! So what you're saying is make a copy of an everstone, so that it does the same thing, but make it an item that is not a held item or one that is put in your bag or something? Switch the global switch on/off for the beginning then off/on when the gym is beat?
No no no, you don't need to make an item. An item is what the Everstone IS, not what it DOES. You just need to copy what it does, in the same place as it.

In the script section PokemonEvolution, find the following code (at the bottom) and add the red part:

def pbCheckEvolutionEx(pokemon)
  return -1 if isConst?(pokemon.item,PBItems,:EVERSTONE)
  return -1 if isConst?(pokemon.species,PBSpecies,:EEVEE) && !$game_switches[42]
  return -1 if pokemon.species<=0 || pokemon.egg?
  for form in pbGetEvolvedFormData(pokemon.species)
You may well use a different Switch number. The Switch will start off being OFF, and you turn it ON once the player has defeated the Gym.

That's all.
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