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Distress (Part 2)
Emolga flew back over the trees, soaring back down to where Yuki was still sitting with her knees pressed right up to her face.

"Emol-Emolga Emolga Emolga Emol!" The Emolga said as it came down to land on the top of Yuki's knees. "Emolga, Emolga" She said, putting her arms up in the air, waving them to the left pointing towards the way, Rion off too. She then, using her tail to make a
as the sickle shaped growth on an Absol's head and then again pointed to the left.

Yuki looked up at Emolga, rather confused. "What do you mean?".
Emolga sighed and pulled her up and tried to pushed her that way. "Okay...fine, I'll go"
as she stood up brushing a tear from her eye and wiped the grass off her dress.

She turned around looking at her other Pokemon, as Electivire opened one eye and nodded to her as she recalled him too and put Emolga back on her shoulder.

She followed the path towards the dorm room and knocked on the door marked with there names. Yuki tried to say something to get the attention of the person inside but was unable to say anything.
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