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So I have a few things to ***** about:

1) People in showbiz getting pregnant. I honestly think this should be disallowed because it's so frustrating. You see so many great people with such talent and so much to offer just giving it up because they give birth and want to spend time with the little creature. I think this might actually be where my hatred of children originated lol - when Julia Roberts got pregnant. She was on the top of her game. Then she had to go have babies and now she's back on the silver screen picking terrible roles and being in movies that bomb terribly as though those years of child-rearing sucked out her brain.

The latest offender is Lily Allen. Just weeks after announcing her comeback to music, she's pregnant again! So now who knows how long it will be before we get more awesome Lily Allen music because I doubt she'll be doing much until the new baby is old enough to be no longer breastfeeding.

2) Unnecessary additional Superman movies right after we just got rid of Smallville. Unnecessary casting of Russell Crowe in movies. This film fits both these descriptions.

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