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This has been something that has been kicked around as an idea a few times recently but no one seemed to want to be the OP so I'm stepping up to the plate! I figured this would belong here but it might also fit in OVP so Netto/Tara feel free to move it there if you think it fits better there :3

Seeing this quote and wanting to share it made me finally make this thread:

[12:15] [Forever] i feel weird sorta
[12:16] [Forever] my username only looks good with a herdier avatar
[12:16] [Forever] because it's small-ish
[12:16] [Forever] and it makes requility flow better
[12:16] [Forever] and R and H are the same to me
[12:16] [Forever] sorta
[12:16] [Forever] h for herdier, r for requility
[12:16] [Forever] and i dislike those letters
[12:16] [Forever] because those are like.. 7
[12:16] [Forever] it just feels so much like sugar
[12:16] [Forever] but too much sugar
[12:16] [Forever] if you know what i mean

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