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This was really hard. Just getting up to Misty was a daunting task.

Update #1
Chose Magby as my starter and named it David
Defeated my rival
Received my first set of Pokeballs
Killed a Hoothoot that I really wanted (North of Pallet)
Killed a Mareep that i also wanted. (Viridian)
Finally caught a Hoothoot called bird idk (West of Viridian)
Defeated my rival again yay
Caught a Surskit in Viridian Forest and named it cute bug
bird idk was poisoned in battle and didn't make it to the center in time r.i.p
Arrived in Pewter City and caught a Nosepass named lol
after ages grinding to level 17+ I finally defeated Brock (1/8)
Headed to Mt. Moon
First Pokemon I found east of Pewter was a hoothoot, didn't catch
Mt. Moon's first Pokemon was Zubat, again didn't catch
Came out of Mt. Moon and caught a Magnemite and named it pulse
Found a Bellsprout in Cerulean, didn't catch
Defeated my rival again, no deaths
First pokemon on Route 24 was Oddish, killed it
cute bug evolved. <333
didn't realise that i was in route 25, first pokemon found was a taillow and i killed it
david evolved! :D

Pokemon List
Magby/david - Evolved
Magmar/david - Alive
Hoothoot/bird idk - Dead
Surskit/cute bug - Evolved
Masquerain/cute bug - Alive
Nosepass/lol - Alive
Magnemite/pulse - Alive
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