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Tim versus Sinnoh Chapter 2

Current Team

Level 15
Quite nature
Absorb, Growth, Mega Drain, Stun Spore

Level 14
Modest nature
Growl, Pursuit, Water Gun, Water Sport

Level 16
Serious nature
Double-Team, Growl, Quick Attack and Wing Attack

Level 17
Adamant nature
Rock Smash, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rock Polish

The next morning...

After sleeping in the Oreburge mine, I proceeded to train my BUIZEL. When she was strong enough we left and headed back west to continue the journey. Noticing the sun shining brightly, I thought it the opportune moment to catch a BUDEW. After searching for quite some time north of Jubilife I found on, caught and it's nature was satisfactory.

I returned to the Oreburge mine to train it against GEODUDEs. When it was strong enough I again returned to the quest at hand.

I headed north to Floroma Town and checked the berries I had planted yesterday. They were all in bloom, but not quite finished growing. I watered them and then headed north of Floroma. I saw two of those astronaut guys robbing a poor man.

I intervened and they both challenged me; not at the same time. Their POKeMON were quickly swept away by the combined forces of my BUDEW and BUIZEL.

When they left, the man noticed that they had dropped the Windworks Key, he gave it to me as well as a jar of honey.

I rushed to the Windworks to aid the little girl. After exploring the area, I found a PACHIRISU and returned to the mission.

I battled the astronaut guarding the Mill's door and he assumed I had not yet found the key, so he locked himself inside. Little did he know I had already taken care of his cohorts in the meadow.

I opened the door to the Windworks and he bolted. Following close behind I battled two more of those astronauts guys.

And went into the back room of the windworks. There I a young lady with bright red hair stared at me. I noticed the little girls father trapped behind a desk.

She challenged me with her ZUBAT and PURUGLY.

I quickly switched BUDEW with BUIZEL as BUDEW Special skills were not doing enough damage. (Need to get Cut for him) Her ZUBAT Toxic'd my BUIZEL but I was able to KO the ZUBAT and gain the experience before my BUIZEL fainted from the poison. I switched with GEODUDE and the lady switched to PURUGLY. With several super-effective Rock Smash's her Dark-type PURUGLY fainted.

The lady told me her name was Mars and she, as well as all the astronauts were called Team Galactic; and they had bigger fish to fry. In a poof of smoke they all vanished.

The girls father thanked me and the little girl returned to her father.

Before I left the man told me that a "baloon POKeMON" would return... I'll have to check that out later.

After finishing this side mission I returned to Floroma and did a little shoping with the prize money earned from all of the Galactic bouts.

I then checked the berries (still not done) and proceeded north of the route between Floroma and The Mill.

Looking for any new POKeMON in a patch of grass I came in contact with a SHELLOS. I caught after Paralyzing it with my BUDEW. I then proceeded further north and battled a lass with a PACHIRISU, my BUDEW and it's Mega Drain were more then enough. That's when I saved and rested.


Level 19
Quite nature
Cut, Growth, Mega Drain, Stun Spore

Level 19
Modest nature
Growl, Pursuit, Water Gun, Water Sport

Level 22
Serious nature
Double-Team, Endeavor, Quick Attack and Wing Attack

Level 19
Adamant nature
Rock Smash, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rock Polish

Later that day...

I got up and continued north, battling all the trainers on the road between there and Eterna Forest.

When I reached Eterna Forest a young female trainer asked if I would join her in exiting the maze of this forest. So together we battled every trainer in the forest, while I was lucky enough to capture a BUNEARY. When we reached the exited the forest, the ***** left with out so much as a reward. I don't mean to be stingy, but her CHANSEY did more then harm then good.

When I left the forest, I battled a bunch of fishers on a wooden bridge and finally entered Eterna City. As always I first explored the entirety of the city. Noting a ominous building in the most northern part of the town. As I went to the outskirts of the town I saw a statue... the plaque that described it was faded but apparently some mytical POKeMON named PALKIA drifts in space between this world and the next.

I also met some emo girl by the name of Cynthia, I can tell you I already don't like her. Despite her kindness in giving me a new HM.

After exploring the city and it surrounding area I headed to the GYM and took on all the CGTs in a forest maze in the facility. After beating all the hidden trainers I confronted the LEADER Gardenia. The battle was quick and painless. I wiped out her entire team, including her ROSERAID with my STARAVIA. She gave me the Forest Badge for my victory and a new TM. When I left, I cut the trees blocking the entrance into that humongous building from earlier. I entered and found out it was the head quarters for Team Galactic.

When battling some goons on the first, second and third floor I finally found another Galactic Head, Jupiter, holding the Rad Rickshaw's BUNEARY hostage.

I battled her and she was lucky enough to defeat my BUIZEL where my GEODUDE sweeped the rest of her team into the dustpan. Again, the cowardice Team Galactic fled. Saying they had a boss who was looking to the stars not the planet we live on before vanishing.

Rad, grateful for me saving him gave me a special bike.

To polish off the night I went to a Master Spelunker and received an UNDERGROUND KIT. He issued me a challenge and I completed everyone of them flawlessly. Finally I had my own KIT and I did some "after school" digging and found a YELLOW SHARD and an EVERSTONE. After reemerging from the ground I saved and rested once again.