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Ultimate Brown Run Black Update#3 (?)

-Joffrey took out Skyla with the help of some Hyper Potions
-Going through Twist Mountian, Wilco reached Lv.37 which means she could evolve but I can’t let her because Krookodile is red : (
-Got to Icirrus City and “traded” to evolve Clegane into a Conkeldurr : D
-The Ice guy was therefore destroyed by Clegane
-Did some plot stuff
-Went back to the water route around the starting town and got the TM for Thunderbolt to teach to Marvin
-Marvin evolved into Beheeyem at Lv. 42 evolved in the Dragon gym (can you tell how much I actually know about this game?)
-Clegane stepped up to the plate again against Mr. Dragon ‘cause she had the highest defense.

Screens (From this Update and the last one) :

The Current Team:

Joffrey the Watchog ♂, Lv. 40 @ BlackGlasses
Ability: Keen Eye
-Super Fang

Clegane the Conkeldurr ♀, Lv. 44 @ Quick Claw
Ability: Guts
-Wake-Up Slap
-Bulk Up
-Rock Throw

Wilco the Krokorok ♀, Lv. 42 @ Eviolite
Ability: Moxie

Renly the Sawsbuck ♂, Lv. 42 @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Chlorophyll
-Leech Seed
-Faint Attack
-Horn Leech

Marvin the Beheeyem ♀, Lv. 43
-Shadow Ball

HM Slaves: Oswald the Oshawatt: Cut
Airbus the Tranquill: Fly
Reed the Palpitoad: Surf
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