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Yay for two updates in one day. n_n

Update #2
decided to head to vermilion to get the vs. seeker and grind
first pokemon in route 5 was Skitty, killed it
first pokemon north of vermilion was a pidgey, killed it
first pokemon in vermilion was Krabby, caught it and named it henry :>
received the vs. seeker
first pokemon in route 11 was a Baltoy, killed it
first pokemon in diglett's cave was dunsparce, didn't catch
henry died
after a struggling battle against a diglett david met his end against a lv10 magnitude
pulse evolved
lol died
after an ugly match against Misty, cute bug met her demise only pulse remains (2/8)
tore open the st. anne with pulse
received cut
went east of cerulean city, first pokemon was a natu, caught it and named it h e r o
h e r o evolved
decided to head to celadon and leave lt. surge for now since i'm at too much of a disadvantage
first pokemon in rock tunnel was aron, caught it and named her gurl
first pokemon on route 7 was a shroomish, killed it
cerulean city
first pokemon was a butterfree, killed it (cerulean city)
first pokemon on route 16 was a gulpin, also killed
gurl evolved
defeated giovanni and went back to pokemon tower
after defeating my rival again the first pokemon i found was a misdreavus, named it david
went back to vermilion and beat surge (3/8)
gurl evolved into Aggron. :DDD
defeated Erika in celadon (4/8)

Pokemon list
Magby/david - Evolved
Magmar/david - Dead
Hoothoot/bird idk - Dead
Surskit/cute bug - Evolved
Masquerain/cute bug - Dead
Nosepass/lol - Dead
Magnemite/pulse - Evolved
Magneton/pulse - Alive
Krabby/henry - dead
Natu/h e r o - Evolved
Xatu/h e r o - Alive
Aron/gurl - Evolved
Lairon/gurl - Evolved
Aggron/gurl - Alive
Misdreavus/david - Alive

Current Team (forgot last time oop)

pulse the Magneton
Level 42
- Spark
- Thunder Wave
- Sonicboom
- Metal Sound

gurl the Aggron
Level 42
- Iron Tail
- Headbutt
- Brick Break
- Dig

h e r o the Xatu
Level 42
- Aerial Ace
- Giga Drain
- Confuse Ray
- Extrasensory

david the Misdreavus
Level 42
- Astonish
- Confuse Ray
- Shock Wave
- Psychic
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