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    Originally Posted by Red99 View Post
    I had never heard of EV training until I came across this websit, but I have a feeling like I've been good at it all along I always beat my friends in link cable matches and wireless battles! If I can get my wi-fi connection working, I'll try to arrange some battles!
    Here's a cheat sheet.

    Battle the enemy in question, win, gain effort points for the Pokémon ending the battle. You could get to Lv.40 and have no EV (meaning you have it holding an Exp. Share or you start a battle then trade it out), or you could be maxed out at Lv.25 (in which case it might be your starter and you later want to breed a fresh one to EV train). It's better to EV train later when the game events are over (unless you purposely do so with one or two particular liked Pokémon as you go) if you are into the competitive battling, a stage where I am nowhere close to (and thus, my battles would be a Fail Feature if I try).

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