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    Update #2 on White Version of my Ultimate Ground Challenge!

    - Beat Brycen without many issues. Excadrill is fast, and a Swords Danced Rock Slide wiped everything he had out.
    - Went off to Dragonspiral Tower and caught Golett. Then went back to the Moor of Iccirus and Route 8 and grinded Golett and Stunfisk.
    - Climbed Dragonspiral Tower and beat the Plasma Grunts, then watched N fly off with Reshiram.
    - Went through to Opelucid City. Beat Iris there with the help of everyone on the team.
    - Went through Victory Road and grinded everyone to Lv. 52.

    Elite Four Round 1!

    - Fought Marshal first. Golurk took care of all his fighters with some Earthquakes and Mega Punches.
    - Went on to Caitlin. Excadrill + Swords Dance + X-Scissor = absolute destruction.
    - Shauntal was next. She was a bit trickier, but Seismitoad and Krookodile took her team out.
    - Grimsley was last. This one was a team effort that basically ignored the Dark typing of his team. He wasn't too tough either.

    Went down to face Alder... but N beat him. So... I caught Zekrom and sent it to the PC, then went on to fight N.

    N Battle: Seismitoad took on his Reshiram, and it really wasn't that difficult. A Poison Jab + hyper potions combination took it down. Klinklang fell to an Excadrill Earthquake; Vanilluxe went down to Rock Slide; and Zoroark fell to an X-Scissor. Excadrill took down Carracosta too. And of course, Stunfisk (lolz) won the battle with a Thunderbolt on Archeops.

    Then, stupid Ghestis wanted to battle...
    - Cohagrigus was beaten by a nom-nom-noming Krookodile (Crunch.)
    - Next was that scary Hydregion. Well... It was cake to beat. Seismitoad hit it with a Drain Punch, and Poison Touch kicked in. One more Drain Punch finished the beast off!
    - Bouffalant was next, and it took down Seismitoad. Golurk finished it with a Brick Break.
    - I revived my Seismitoad, so it beat his with a Grass Knot.
    - Drain Punch took down Bisharp.
    - And... Elektross was the grand finale. It was a bit of a team effort, but Excadrill beat it in the end.

    And then there was text, and credits... and now the postgame beckons!

    Basically, I went and found all of the sages besides the one in the eastern half of Unova. Fast experience growth with the Lucky Egg and Lv. 65 opponents!

    Almost done with this challenge!