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Julia made a point to close her mouth as Ki spoke. She wasn't sure how to feel about someone violating the privacy of her mind. It didn't feel all that good, and yet...was it a big deal? She wasn't sure. Regardless, an omnipresent pink blush graced her cheeks throughout the duration of the conversation, the most telltale sign of exactly how she felt. On one hand she didn't have an immediate problem, but on the other, what if Kiba wasn't the only boy with an interest? Once again she became self-conscious of being the only girl. Would wading into these waters cause a problem in the group dynamic?

...Fear graced her mind, helping to distract her from all the implications being thrown around. She was afraid of finding out what the consequences of her actions might yield. When Ki phrased Kiba's actions at the loft during the earlier attack that way it caused her to feel guilt. I mean, sure she had known it was him, and sure she'd recognized the significance, but never had her mind wandered to presume it was a bid for companionship, let alone that specific flavor of companionship...


Julia forced herself to disregard group dynamics. It was a strong habit from the old days, but these were not the friends she'd come to the tournament fighting for. She was an independent girl and needed to think about what /she/ wanted, not what was best for the group. The decision was emotionally painful for her, as being fully independent of friends was... honestly startlingly new for her. A flashback to stumbling out of a particular cave, cooked like a turkey, and passing out under a tree. Waking up in a room and being filled in that a couple of strange boys had taken it upon themselves to carry her around.


Julia's expression became frustrated in alignment with her annoyance with her own inability to figure out what she wanted to say as she observed Ki's oddly colored eye. Now what exactly was he implying? Her own conclusions disturbed her, and so she set them aside for later thought. Finally, she regained her composure and forced it out.


A brief pause, before the torrent of thoughts she'd been holding back poured out like a river crashing through a dam. A certain pokemon had come to deliver Julia her reward, to which Julia met with an awkward smile and a polite thank you. Finally, once her reward had been given and the messenger had went on his way, she continued.

"I'm not going to do that. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm not going to try and /hurt/ him. ...I just--This is the first time, and... Maybe I should go to him and... talk about it. I just--I've never heard him say it."

She shook her head. She knew why, and yet it didn't satisfy her. Perhaps the talk would make or break this entire situation. Being forward about this sort of thing wasn't exactly the easiest thing for her regardless. She had this sinking feeling she couldn't count on Kiba to be forward at all, though.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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