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    The feeling of his stomach closing in on itself, his heart feeling as if it were inflated with helium and attempting to escape from his chest; these feelings seemed to bubble up inside. I feel like something big is about to happen... But is it going to be good or bad? It seems like every time I've felt the foresightedness of my own body it turns out to be bad. But I can't just live to expect negativity, because then I wouldn't be living. In response to Jack, Kiba gave a half-distracted nod. Was he really feeling okay though? He'd been in bed all day, he wasn't really sure how to check.

    I just need to wait for Ki... He'll have me walking again... But... Am I ready? Being bed-ridden has given me a long time to think, but... Maybe I need to have some sort of epiphany? If fate is a true law, then it should seem so... He sort of just lost all of his concentration with Jack's next comment. S-She's back? He gulped slightly. He knew she wouldn't bother to even give him the time of day (which might actually be useful, since he's been in a tent and lost track of time), but even mentioning her made him feel... Woozy. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, he'd never know. She seems somewhat familiar though... Why can't I stop thinking about her? I just can't figure it out... Irek came in for only a moment and slipped something under Kiba's arm. He shuffled himself around to reach it and hold it in front of his eyes. A ticket...?

    Mello shifted in her sleep, though even Kiba's movement did not wake her.

    Flare watched Ki and Julia, off in the distance across the area. What are you up to, Ki...? He turned back to watch the vendors and the circus as they were all preparing for something. This was pretty much all he wanted to do at this point. Are Charlie and I all that different? The thought went by his mind quickly, but it stuck. How wasn't he? Getting pissed off and attacking people who didn't deserve it-- He was just like Charlie!! Flare felt the need to roar in fury at his own foolishness, but instead kept to himself. How can I be so stupid? I went off to lecture him, and I've done no different. I should be ashamed of myself.

    Spirit watched Alpha, somewhat drained of her energy now. Is Alpha bipolar?? I've never seen someone go from death threat to praise...

    Ki watched as Julia pretty much began tearing herself apart with her own thoughts. He placed a reassuring paw on her shoulder, his eyes closed thoughtfully. I... Trust you. You've given me no reasons against it. Though a talk would be best. He glanced at the ticket handed to Julia, and watched Irek for a moment before looking back to Julia, lowering his paw. It seems everyone has been invited with those tickets. Though Kiba won't be able to go, considering his condition. I could have him walking again soon, so I think you should probably go talk to him now, or soon.

    He glanced at the tent. He's in there, and he's still awake. You should go in, ask Jack to leave, because I'm sure you'd rather speak privately, and just talk to him about it. I know how he acts, and that may be the only way to get this ordeal dealt with. If you haven't noticed, he does keep to himself. He rarely speaks unless spoken to, so if you start up a conversation he'll have no choice but to respond. Understand? He watched her, his eyes reflecting his calm nature. And don't beat yourself up with these thoughts, because it won't help anyone. He watched her for a moment before shrugging a shoulder toward the tent.

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