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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post

I would love for Altering Cave to come back with easier mechanics. Though, aren't the Pokemon that appear in the there also the Pokemon that appear in Emerald's extended Safari Zone? Safari Zone in mind, I would like it if they kept the extensions, along with the new Pokemon added in Emerald, even if it's an RS remake. There's a thread in the adv gen forum about how you felt about the region dex, and quite a few people wanted what was in the extended SZ to be in the regular dex. I agree. It adds more variety and some of those Pokemon just fit well into Hoenn, I think. Even though they weren't in the original dexes, I think it would be a good addition, along with the new evolutions of Hoenn Dex Pokemon (Magnezone, Froslass, Roserade, etc).

Mirage Island I'm sure would make a come back. It's not something I care much for though, because I never saw it haha.

And my batteries in RS have died, so I forget about planting berries really, even in Emerald even though my battery isn't dead for that game. I used to really enjoy berries as a kid though, cause I also did lots of contests, so naturally, I was using berries to make Pokeblocks. I would like more incentive to plant berries again though, so if they are remade, I would probably plant berries and do contests, if they're back as well and not too corny like DPPt's Super Contests.
Yeah, I think Altering Cave pretty much had the same Pokemon as the Safari Zone. I liked it as well for some was like one of those tiny additions that you don't hear as much about, yet it still has potential. They could really expand on what's available with 3DS' street/spotpass and maybe add an item or two in there to give it more appeal. The Safari Zone could have the Pokeblock use expanded, maybe by letting you have a better chance at some Pokes depending on what Pokeblock you put in the dispensers?

I think I remember seeing Mirage Island only once? It has more potential as well, they could add in more than just Wynatt and Liechi berries. There definitely needs to be more factors involved as well, obviously. Do you think they could allow there to be other Pokes with a higher chance of obtaining ones with DW abilities?

As for berries, I used them a lot as well. The original contests made them more appealing I guess, along with Pokeblocks. It was especially fun to do that kind of stuff with friends. I guess I was just berry happy then; always would stop by if I saw a fully grown berry plant and pick it, then plant another. Even went to the Berry Master and his wife often to get a chance at some rarer ones. They had THE biggest amount of berry plots in one spot, so it was a popular spot to plant as much variety as you could.

Speaking of berries and all of this 'chance' stuff, does anyone remember all of the little "special events" that randomly went on? That Master Pokeblock making guy visiting the Pokemon Contest Hall and helping you make crazy good Pokeblocks? The special Lilycove Dept. Store rooftop sale for even more Secret Base decorations? Those among others were mad fun to do when you got the chance.

Another thing, didn't someone mention how mixing records could work with Street/Spotpass? I remember finding it amusing whenever I saw my friends' achievements on Tv ingame.

RSE added many fun things that we'd hope would get expanded on.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?