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    Mitzi Abelle

    Mitzi could kind of understand that, having a personal preference for cleaner cities herself. She voiced this opinion, "Sounds like Veilstone. I would have to go there sometimes, growing up, and it was just too crowded and nasty for my tastes."

    She remembered Veilstone very well, actually, and of all the places in the Sinnoh Region, that had to be her least favorite. Maybe she had made a bad analogy.

    "So where do you want to live then?" Mitzi asked, "Celadon, or some other big city?" Interestingly enough, she hadn't even pondered that question for herself yet.

    She saw the dorm in the distance now. Or, she at least assumed that was it, and was about to comment, but refrained so as not to be overwhelming with so many questions. And she was just full of questions right now.
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