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    btw the guy just below the gym in this pic (out of sight here) is blocking the path to a item which has no other way through (cant surf either)

    team after beating 6th gym:
    lvl 40 swampert
    lvl 40 venusaur
    lvl 39 scizor
    HM...agents (aw yeah!)

    more feedback:

    1) imo grass pkmn are really bad for this hack so far.
    Yes grass types generally have poor offense in any pkmn game,
    but in this hack so far it was real irritating to see way too many bug catchers, bird keepers and young ladies,
    making 80% or so of the trainers' pkmn be grass, bug, flying (especially this!) and fire types.
    Grass types thus fare badly in most trainer battles, plus they dont fare well against any gym so far either. (maybe the electric one but not really ie.magneton).
    It was annoying at best to raise grass pkmn like venusaur as they get walled way too easily, and considering that u get mostly grass pkmn early early game, its best to just..not use them. in a sense limiting the pkmn u can get early game, get the point?

    yes late game with all the surfing would be better for grass types, but by that time there are many good electric types around as well.

    2) too few TMs. understand this is a beta but would be nice to have at least a few decent stuff around routes (like bullet seed, headbutt, thief etc.?).
    This compounds the grass pokemon problem said earlier since theres so little tm to provide coverage (facade venusaur all day long)
    Dont have to put too much or too strong stuff either.

    3) no evo stones, not even moon stone?

    other than these grips, throughly enjoy the events in this hack so far.