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    Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
    Isn't that essentially the premise of this entire thread? People finding hints that aren't really hints and concluding that RSE remakes are bound to happen because of them?
    Sadly, yes. Things such as certain things being Red and Blue make R/S remakes inevitable, somehow.

    Originally Posted by StarUmbreon View Post
    I have a theory, it's not a good one but it's something. Before I say it let me say I know the anime has nothing to do with the games but for promotional purposes I think I can use this.

    Have you ever noticed that in the anime after every odd numbered region there is a filler ark?

    Kanto (Gen I) -> Orange Islands (nothing to promote being R|B|Y were the only games out. Stalling until G|S come out.) -> Jhoto (Gen II) -> Hoenn (Gen III) -> Kanto (used to promote Emerald using the Battle Frontier & FR|LG taking place in Kanto. Stalling until D|P) -> Sinnoh (Gen IV) -> Unova (Gen V) -> ?

    Maybe they will do what they did with Gen I & III & send Ash on a side quest to either Hoenn (unlikely) or an anime on region like Orange Islands (possible). they could use this side quest to promote R|S|E Remakes like they did with Gen III.

    If he goes straight to the Gen VI region then maybe the remakes will be released during Gen VI or will not be released at all although I'm hoping they are.

    It's sort of farfetched but it's something to work with.

    P.S: For those wondering why they didn't do it with HG|SS it's because it was fully promoted in the DP Series using Lyra & promo for the Pokelthon (spellcheck) without the need of a filler ark.

    Edit: If we get Remakes I'm excited to see what they do with the contest & secret bases ( I hope they bring these back)
    The way I see it, Best Wishes 2 is the filler saga. I mean, Ash already has all eight gym badges. All there is left to do with B/W is the league. Everything else is B/W2 based. I think they can make that stall out untill September 2013 for gen 6.

    I'm thinking Gen6 will come out September of next year, with the first Pokemon being revealed in Feburary's corocoro. Its alot similar to B/W, but every year since 2005, except 2011, we've had a new Pokemon revealed in Feburary. This year, we had Keldeo. 2010 had Zoroark, 2009 had Arceus, 2008 had Shaymin+Giritina's new form, 2007 had Darkrai, 2006 had Manaphy, and 2005 had Lucario.

    It makes you wonder what they'll reveal this Feburary. It can't be an event Pokemon, as those have all been revealed already. It leads me to believe that it will be a gen6 Pokemon. If this is true, there won't be R/S remakes in fifth gen, nor would there be a need for a filler saga.

    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Perhaps for the remakes they could also add the Ryukyu islands for new areas to explore,which are south of Kyushu (in Hoenn's case they would be in the east). They could be like Hoenn's version of the Sevii islands.
    I sure hope so. R/S quite literately had no postgame, except the Battle Tower.

    Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post
    Something I though of, that could be totally wrong and probabally sounds REALLY stupid, but maybe possibly, they could release RS remakes as the first games on the 3DS, and maybe put placeholder spots for the 6th generation Pokemon in the data ready to be downloaded when the 6th generation games come out, and when they do, they can do some type of DLC type thing so you can "Update" the games and be able to have 6th gen Pokemon, attacks and abilities? Sounds stupid and unrealistic, I know but hey, it might be possible. I don't know how the whole system works.
    If this was the case, wouldn't it just be easier to make them after gen6?

    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    I was thinking that since HGSS had both Johto and Kanto in them, Nintendo might make an RSE remake with Hoenn and Sinnoh? Could be fairly likely.
    Fairly likely? More like not even a possibility.

    Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
    As I mentioned before, does anyone think Altering Cave will get better use this time? The 3DS' streetpass/spotpass could be perfect for something like that, along with that Special storage box paper thing(where you can get the Pikachu wallpaper) and Secret Bases of course.
    This is a good idea. For every Streetpass Tag you get, the Pokemon in the Cave changes. This keeps happening until you get 15 tags. On your 16th tag, it starts over. Also, they should change the Pokemon to be Sinnoh/Unova/6th gen Pokemon.

    If they really wanted to, they could also have an item that changes every time, too. The first item would be a Pokeball or Potion, and with every tag you get, the item gets better and better.
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