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    Well, I'm glad you guys are keep the club alive at least somewhat, even when I should be charged with neglect. xD

    Ok, so I took some time to update a couple of my Bleach related projects.
    I've updated Tite Kubo's Arm Collection since the Blood War started.
    I also finished a few more Battle Data Charts for captain level characters that don't have an official chart.
    I'm just going to post all I have done so far here.

    Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
    Besides, it's not like Orihime has been of ANY help the last few years.
    Frankly I think Kubo is trying to make us forget how powerful he said she was so he doesn't have to make the plot go around it.
    It's just not in her nature to use her powers to their 'god-mod' level, at least offensively.

    Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
    I can't help but feel a load of people will die......but Ichigo will manage to bring them all back to life when he becomes the soul king. Remember they made a big deal about the captains and stuff putting their reatsu into that magical edgeless sword. Or he'll activate the Rinnegan and Heavenly Life Technique this shiz.
    He already has that, her name is Orihime.
    I mean really, Soul Society is damn near unbeatable when Orihime and Unohana are on your side.

    Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
    I wonder what Bambietta's "E" stands for, I'll not resort to making childish suggestions although I've got a couple.

    Worst part of the fandom is mad.
    Now I kind of want to hear what they are. >.>
    Sometimes I'm a quick witted smart-ass, other times I'm a bit slow.

    Ahahahahaha, I just laugh at the fandom.