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    If you go to leagues, then you can trade for cards there. I recommend you focus on trainer cards when you trade, and try to trade for easy-to-get cards that you can get multiples of.

    The Magcargo deck was a deck a friend of mine built during a very fast format in the TCG, and it performed very well against all sorts of decks. It is very easy to swarm Slugma and Magcargo with a good set of trainers. It is fast deck itself, as well.

    Pokemon that attach extra energy per turn are:
    Typhlosion Prime HeartGold & SoulSilver
    Typhlosion Mysterious Treasures
    Emboar Black & White
    Eelektrik Noble Victories
    Celebi Prime Triumphant
    Blastoise Secret Wonders
    Electrode Prime Triumphant

    There are also attacks that do that, but Pokemon with Abilities and Poke-Powers work best for the job of attaching extra energy.
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