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Ok so i have a Lv.70 Timid (speed+, att-) Alert to Sounds Gengar Ev trained with 252 speed 252 sp attack 4 HP, according to 3 different IV calculators it has 31 IV in speed 24 in SP.A and 19 in HP. I use a life orb on him.

now for the problem, i've battled 2 people now on WIFI at lv. 50 cap whom also lead with a Gengar, assuming mine is faster i substituted hoping for a miss but both times i was outsped and one shotted by their shadow ball, now assuming the fact that i was outsped ment that they were using choice scarf i switch in my milotic to take care of him.... to which i eat a thunderbolt which obviously means they're not choiced, i also one shotted they're gengar back to which they responded to by holding on with focus sash, which eliminated the possibility of a quick claw or something of that nature.

So my question is how is this possible for this to happen twice when by all accounts my Gengar couldnt be any faster bar choice scarf? the only thing that i can think of is since shes not level 100 all of her EV havent been "activated" however i cant find any information as to if you need to level to 100 for all 252 EVs to be active at lv 50. cap, id think that type of thing would be all over the place warning people that they need to hit level 100 for their EV training to be fully effective in 50 cap battles if that were true, so im at a loss.

Help me out