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Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
I really didn't know what I was thinking. What is wrong with me?
Anyway, I've always thought of whether it was a 'stache or nose hair. Or maybe even a nose mustache?

It is a moustache.

Originally Posted by Loonie View Post
Name: Loonie
Pokemons: Pichu and Oshawott
Why? Its because iam in Love with Pichu's cuteness thats why i picked pichu and for Oshawott since pokemon black and white started i cant seem to take away my eyes from this cute and cool pokemon .. ^_O
Reply Nosepass\\Probopass Topic: I like nosepass, But I like Probopass more because its can levitate =)
Welcome to the club! I guesss the Nosepass/Probopass topic did attract a lot of people in here, huh? But if I'm not wrong, it's about whether Nosepass/Probopass are cute enough, right? Not powerful, or whether it's your favourite.

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
I think it is a mustache
welcome to the club,Loonie!!
There you go. (It always looked more like 'tache, to say nothing of implications of it being nose hair. *shudder*)