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    If Gen V Pokemon don't look like Pokemon, then Gen I Pokemon don't look like Pokemon too. I mean...Seel? It's just a seal with a horn. It's 99% like the real thing. Ekans and Arbok too. They are just bigger than their real counterparts.

    And previous Gens have as much weird looking Pokemon as the new Gen has. People are mostly hating on Pokemon that are really similar to the older ones.

    Trubish = Grimer
    Gothita line = Jinx = Ralts line
    Haxorus = Rhyhorn = Tyranitar = Aggron
    Vanillite line, tell me how it's not different than Slugma
    Spikes on dragons = spikes on dinosaurs. Useless? In the game they mean nothing, but you know, if they were behaving like real animals, they'd use those spikes for offence/defence. It's not like previous Gens didn't have Pokemon with spikes.
    The only really new thing was Chandelure. I like it, but I can understand people disliking that.
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