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    "My name is Julius." Julius told Wess as he watched Arti head off to put his pokemon to sleep. He supposed that some pokemon preffered to sleep outside of their pokeballs. It was something Julius had necessarily thought about. "Really, I have nothing to do this evening. If I go to the dorm now, I'll just lay in my bed in read until midnight, so I might as well help you, right? Besides, the excercise might be good for me. How do you intend to find the Quagsire? Lure it out? Or search for it on foot?"


    Aloin was now impressed. The boy had chosen to attack with a move that turned his own attack against him. Against a fighting type, it was especially effective, even if it had a type disadvantage of dark vs. fighting. Against a Gallade, it was even better due to being neutral against a psychic/fighting dual type. Perhaps this boy had been paying attention to what Aloin was saying after all. Since Ghost types were particularly good at utilizing the holes in the opponent's fighting style, he would have to be careful as well. Fighting attacks wouldn't effect Haunter, but this Gallade in particular was built to handle potential threats, such as this. But with the damage he'd taken already, Aloin wasn't sure how much longer he'd last.

    "How are you feeling, D'Artagnan?"

    The Gallade swung one arm out toward Aloin with a grunt, indicating that it wasn't down yet. Gallade would be willing to go down to the Haunter even if it meant continuing to go easy on the boy, but Aloin was having a change of heart. Despite the way the boy acted, he was no amateur.

    "Alright then," Aloin sighed. "First of, Alex, let me praise you on your choice just now. Very well coordinated and thoughtful--you took the information I've been feeding you thus far and used it, I'm hoping. But it's also risky. If your attack had knocked D'Artagnan out, you'd be in the clear. But since he survived the attack, it leaves you quite vulnerable to a dangerous rebuttle. D'Artagnan, psycho cut!"

    The Gallade's elbow blades extended once more as it moved swiftly forward, using the rare technique that complimented the pokemon's unqique typing perfectly--the STAB of it's psychic side and the physical attack power of its fighting side. The invisible blade shot forward to cleave into the Haunter's near intangible body with a swift motion as the Gallade pressed forward unrelentingly.
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