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    Your partner Eevee:
    Evoli the Eevee
    Reason why you like Eevee
    : I've always loved Eevee. It and its many evolutions. I love it mainly for it cuteness, I have to admit, but also because among all the Pokémon, it represents the evolution phenomenon the best. It has also an intriguing side, as we wonder which could be each of its for the moment-non-existant evolutions.

    When did you get your first Eevee?

    In my Silver game. I fell in love with this adorable Pokémon
    My first Eevee which then evolved into an awesome Espeon was also my first Pokémon that reached the level 100. So, it wasn't any Eevee. Among every Pokémon from all of my games, it's the one that I loved the most. It's really etched on my memory.