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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - near the pokemon center

    Jack mentioned that it was getting pretty dark outside, that's when Kilik mentioned the rocky moutains, it actualy could be quite interesting to explore there. But Jack was kinda right, it WAS getting dark outside so would that be a good idea?

    'Hey! Count me in too!' Yuki came out her pokeball and used telepathy to talk. 'Yuki...' Ruby awkwardly smiled. 'Wait! That is it!' Ruby smiled at the Zorua who just gave her a great idea. 'Jack? You said it was dark outside, right?' Ruby glanced at him with her shiny Aqua eyes.

    'Yuki? Can you transform into a Empardos to light our way to the rocky mountains?' Ruby asked her little Zorua. 'No problem Rubs!' Yuki slowly transformed into a Empardos. 'Problem solved~' Ruby smiled. 'What do ya guys think?' Ruby asked Kilik and Jack.
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