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Just updated information on the OP regarding the next and final release:

13 Gyms - Although they may not be official and you may not receive a badge, there are 5 extra gyms in post-game locations to cover all 17 types! These will be scattered across Island Four, Five, Six, Seven and in a new City!
To clarify, these types will be: Steel, Normal, Bug, Dark & Flying.

New Area(s) - There will be a couple of new areas with many things to do!

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
So you're finally starting to win your battle against FireRed? :D
Not bad, pal! :D
And I see we get all starters again, not bad =D
Can we get Eevees as well? :D
Yep! I finally got the motivation to restart the project and I'll make sure there are enough Gift Eevee's to cover each evolution.

"Hmm! My sturdy Pokémon, defeated!"
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