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Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
Go to the beach you started off with, and go to the guy in black clothes, then he'll either give you a Cyndaquil or Mudkip.
I see. So you can get another starter beside changing Eevee for a 3rd gen one.
But well... I'll wait for DJG's response regarding the changes in Charmeleon's moveset.

Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
how do i battle the gym leader in the ghost town!?
Meet her when she's about to leave the gym, go to graveyard (by using the path next to the trees), beat Gastly OWs and talk with her, she will return to gym.

Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
LV 27 Eevee(dang it why can't it evolve!?)
Make it evolve by using YAPE...
There's no other way how to use it :/

Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post

This is an interesting part of you game, I'm assuming that SOME battles are forced/required to progress.
Not quite.
You can actually continue the story without battling any trainers beside rivals and gym trainers.

Yeah, that reminds me... DJG, it's interesting to have such a small gyms but only one or two gym trainers? :/ That's kinda not enough for training :/
I know you can train in wild but as you have Pokémon on >30 wild training is useless...
Can you at least make them rebattleable just like the other trainers? :D (Which is little annoying to meet up with every trainer after each gym to get a little useful training xD but I like this feature :D)
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