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    Jack Jacobs
    Pokemon Center

    At least Ruby was behaving sensible and gave them a fighting chance in the darkness on the mountain when she decided to have her Zorua transform into a Ampharos to light their path on the mountain. Seemed like there was no fighting it the two of them were determined to explore and to walk away now and here that anything happened to them, Jack would feel a little responsible. "Ok lets go then"

    Blade took the first steps out of the pokemon center Jack was going to act as a kind of protector for Ruby and Kilik but he would never tell them such a thing. Jack was a protective sort of person and even though he wasn't the greatest of friends with the two he still wanted to keep them safe. Jack took out his little map as he left the pokemon center and waited on them to come out "I hope those two know what their doing" he whispered to himself.

    Maybe he was being paranoid but the only thing he could do was expect the unexpected and wait till they reach their destination....
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