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Guys some of your posts are getting a little out of hand. Posting what strategies you may want to use to counter the Leaders and other Trainers is perfectly fine, but to discuss what type of battle (i.e. triple, double, single) is a bit too off topic on this thread. Though you may be discussing it because this feature has those types of battles included, talking about the individual type of battle has nothing to do with the Pokemon World Tournament. So please, keep on topic here not only in this thread, but in the entire Black 2 and White 2 forum.

The Rentals option in the PWT is amazing. I'm mad that they don't include Jellicent in the Masters collection of possible Pokemon, but I'm happy to see a lot of different, interesting Pokemon as well. I'm hoping to get an Eelektross on my team. I also love how competitive they've made this in-game option to be. Some of the movesets of the Pokemon are outrageous.
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