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Distress (Part 3)
For a few seconds, she stood outside the room, just considering her options in the inevitable conversation and how easily he was upset earlier and how shy he had acted.

Sighing to herself, Yuki lightly pushed against the wood of the door, until it gently opened with a creek and she walked in to the room. In the room, she saw two single beds, two wardrobes and a small cupboard.

As she looked across the room she noticed the worm like shape under the bed-covers and then she noticed his three Pokemon; a Ninetales, a Rufflet sitting on wooden perch and the Absol, she had met previously.

She placed her bag onto the other bed calmly, thinking of the right words to say, not wanting a repeat of before. “W-well, Rion..” She said slowly pausing at the end.
“I’m very sorry about my Rotom’s behaviour; I promise it won’t happen again”, bowing slightly to show her apology, she looked across at the shape under the bed sheets and then up to the Pokemon surrounding her and watching her warily.
“Maybe…it would be better if I just left him or maybe I should try to befriend him more” She thought to herself, unsure what else to say in this almost awkward situation. She thought about placing a hand on him for reassurance but then thought this might be misconstrued and frighten him even more.
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