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    Originally Posted by random-man View Post
    Sounds like you've got all of these alternate forms to show up correctly even in a gen 3 game (shame on you for not including them from the start GameFreak! ) but I'm not sure if this has been asked yet: I see that you're using different sprites for Pokemon with gender differences, I think that's a brilliant idea and all, but will there be an extra button in the Pokedex that allows you to view both like in gen 4 and 5 games?
    Probably not. That would require rewriting the entire Pokédex, not something I am capable of doing. Not yet, at least.

    I do plan, however, for the formes to be treated in the same style as Unown, eventually. In that whichever you have seen/caught is the one which will appear in the Pokédex screen.
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