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Level 26
Quite nature
Cut, Flash, Mega Drain, Stun Spore

Level 28
Modest nature
Crunch, Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Water Sport

STARAVIA ♂ (Sky Plate)
Level 30
Serious nature
Double-Team, Endeavor, Quick Attack and Aerial Ace

Level 27
Adamant nature
Rock Smash, Magnitude, Rock Throw, Rock Polish

MEDITITE ♂ (Fist Plate)
Level 27
Quirky nature
Confusion, Calm Mind, Drain Punch, Rock Smash

Tim versus Sinnoh Chapter 3

From Eterna City I sped with my bike west into Mt. Coronet, only to be blocked off my impassible boulders, while searching the grass path before Mt. Coronet I captured a BONSLY, GASTLY and MEDITITE; the MEDITITE I kept as it's stats were good and its nature was beneficial. I then proceeded back to Eterna City and headed south to the Bicycle Road where, at the check point, I received an EXP Share.

From the Cycle Road I noticed a cave and decided that when I reached the end of the road I would enter there.

When I reached the end of the road I cut a path through some feeble trees and traversed under the Bridge.

Battling several trainers I eventually made it to the caves entrance. I entered and used Flash with BUDEW. It lit the caves innards and I navigated through with trouble. A natural maze, I lost track of my location and was being constantly bombarded by BRONZORS, the bane of my existence.

My POKeMON could not keep battling them as every two-and-a-half steps I would encounter one. I used my BUIZEL thinking it would evolve at level 21, little did I know, FLOATZEL would not appear until 26.

I had to leave the cave twice to heal up and come back. On the third excursion into the cave I finally found a path I had not tread yet and found a young girl in the darkest part of the cave. Scared, she asked me to lead her out while healing my POKeMON when needed.

To my surprise she was actually a very capable POKeMON Handler; althoug her KADABRA wasn't nearly as strong as my league of POKeMON it was still impressive how the she handled it.

Back tracking I finally made it out of the cave and the little girl darted off.

After rescuing the little girl, by the name of Mira, I returned back to the quest at hand, cutting across Mt. Coronet I encountered a man with tall, blue hair. Speaking in an astronomical way he left me with a cryptic message. I continued on from there.

On the other side of Coronet, I battled several trainers and entered Hearthrome City, a stray BUNEARY ran into me and a young lady caught it, claiming it to be hers, she then thanked me and left, while exploring a man from Hoenn lead me to a place called the contest hall. Where the local GYM LEADER Fantina laughed at me saying I wasn't strong enough to challenge her yet.

Annoyed, I headed inside the contest call and much to my shock I saw my mother who was speaking with the lady that owned the BUNEARY.

Mother decided to take a vacation apparently and said that contest hall was a place that brought her joy in her younger years. She insisted I play-part in a contest and gave me a tuxedo. I laughed and left the contest hall almost immediately left Hearthrome. I was stopped by a Hiker offering a mysterious egg. Curious of it's contents I took it without hesitation and continued on my way.

Now heading east of Hearthrome I battled several trainers while accessing a stone panel with an ODD KEYSTONE I got back before I went into Hearthrome.

A click was heard and I continued forward, seeing a large tower up ahead I entered and its musty smell and dank insides me uneasy. I took the stair case up and traversed 3 floors battling ghost POKeMON galore.

When I reached the top of the tower. I was given a CLEANSE SEAL and another HM by an elderly couple paying their respects to the tower's fallen.

I rushed down the tower and exited, heading north from there...

I don't remember the town's name but the next one Solecian* was a small town with a road that split it in half. I explored the entire town and the outskirts finding a mysterious cave. Inside on the wall there was a strange language that I could vaguely make out. I followed it's instructions and happened upon a room with a treasure, seals, plates and a nugget.

I exited the cave with an Escape Rope and continued heading north. While on the ROUTE above Solecian* Town. I used my EXPLORER KIT and entered the Underground. Digging some areas I was lucky enough to find a WATER STONE and a DAMP STONE, which I'll use when I teach my FLOATZEL Rainy Day.

I exited the ground and continued. After passing every trainer in the area, I was met with a group of PSYDUCKs blocking the path to the north, they we're not inclined to move.

I instead headed east into ROUTE 215, I think. Where suddenly a torrential downpour began. Running as fast as I could to get out of the rain, I battled trainers until I reached Veilstone.

Veilstone I explored from top to bottom including the Dept. Store. I also went into the game corner and did some under age gambling. I won over 1,000 Coins and left.

Then I went to the GYM, bumped into Dawn who made an awful pun and left. Putting my STARAVIA before everyone else, he alone battled on the CGTs and when we came to Mayline, was it? He began the real fight. The battle was intense, her MEDITITE and MACHOKE were no trouble, her LUCARIO, a rather rare POKeMON, was another story.

4 of my 5 useable POKeMON were defeated while lowering her LUCARIO's HP, when BUDEW was the last one standing, I sacrificed her to use a REVIVE on my FLOATZEL, the fastest of my POKeMON, with a first-strike of the final round, I took out the last remaining centimetre of LUCARIO's health and took the match. Receiving the COBBLE BADGE, I left with Drain Punch TM and equipped it to my MEDITITE.

That's where I saved.