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Kilik Chambers - Pokemon Center->Rocky Mountains & Caves

So what if it was dark? That just makes it more challenging! Still, if they decide not to come, Deino will have to wait another day. At that moment, Ruby's Zorua, Yuki, pops out of nowhere as if she's a model. It's better than getting splashed in swamp goo anyway. Erasing embarressing field trip memory!

"Jack? You said it was dark outside, right?" Ruby asked Jack, who responded. She told Yuki to transform into an Ampharos, & Ampharos she became. Now they can light their way to the mountains & caves. The two finally agree, knowing on the way it'll be safe, which brings down the fun meter. It still beats getting murdered in the dark without knowing!

"Ok lets go then," Jack agreed. Looks like everything was set. Tentou already went towards the exit, waiting for Kilik. Kilik just rubbed his head as he followed his Shinx. "Let's hope Yuki is more reliable than Mistress," he adds, "who is now a Zoroark, if I may add." They might as well know how Kilik is now, as this is getting his mind off his father. At least now Ruby knows Kilik has a Zoroark now.

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