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Okay so recently I've had quite a few members asking about clubs, what they are, and how they're used, so hopefully this thread should clear things up a little. c: (Thank Krazzikk for suggesting it :D)

"What is a Club?"

Basically what clubs are for is a place to discuss anything and everything about a certain topic. The idea is to not have too many topics going on at once or the place gets confusing, but a lot of clubs choose to anyway to give more to discuss at one time. How they work is you sign up to the club, then you just treat it like a normal chat thread by answering the topics posted and replying to other people's posts. You could think of it as having several standard threads all in one place with discussions linking them all together.

"So how do I join and use clubs?"

First off, it's important to choose a club about something you're really interested in, otherwise its hard to keep interested and keep posting in them. For your first club, I suggest you join one based on your favourite Pokemon type. You can find a list of all the currently active clubs by clicking here, so choose one you like and take a look at it. c:

The most important part of any club is the first post of the club. The first post contains a list of the club's members, information about the club, rules, sign-up forms, and often trivia or challenges to take part in too. For example, take a look here at the Poison type club's first post to see what I mean and for an idea of how most clubs are laid out. This club is pretty standard in terms of layout and content in the first post, so it's a good example to use if you're wondering what clubs can offer you.

Before you join any club, it's important that you take a look at the sign-up form. This is always found in the first post of the club, and you're advised to post it in the thread before posting in a club. Have a look at some people's first club posts here, here, here and here to get a feel of what I mean. You don't have to join a club before posting in it, but it is strongly advised and requested that you do. You must contribute to the current discussion alongside posting your sign up form. Do this by either answering a current topic, or discussing someone else's views. c: Another important part of clubs is that they almost always have a 'Current Topic', which is what the discussion at the time is focused around. Some clubs change this topic once a day, some will change it a lot less frequently, but it's important to try and answer the topics when they're given and keep discussions related to them - although as long as you keep all of your posts about the Pokémon in the club then a little off topic stuff is okay.

So hopefully that should be enough information to get you started in Pokémon Clubs. If you're at all interested in owning and running your own club, then make sure you check out the Clubs Creation Guide for tips and advice, or contact me or Olli97 and we'll be happy to take you through the whole process of club creation and ownership.

Hopefully that helps clear up some issues and acts as a guide for the newer club users; feel free to post any questions or concerns c: