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Danielle Accola - Oak Town


Danielle, Mienfoo, and Ozzy exited the Pokemon Mart together after a few moments shopping for items. Danielle did came out with a small brown bag. It had two TM's and three Super Potions. She stopped in the middle of the empty pathway, taking out a TM disc from the bag. “Flash” it read. She opened the disc and shows it to Ozzy.

“Ok, Ozzy.” Danielle said, “You're going to learn a new move, ok? This is Flash. It's going to have your tail light up in dark places so you can let us lead the way.”

“Pachi Pachii?” Ozzy was a bit confused, as he never used a TM before.

“I'm quite excited that TM's are unlimited. I can use them whenever.” Danielle said to herself and hands the disc to Ozzy. “Here. Take your time learning it.”

Ozzy got the disc and held it tight. He closed his eyes, his cheeks start to spark a bit. A tiny spark fell on Mienfoo's head, tingling it a little. “Fooooo!”

A few moments later, he opened his eyes. Holding the TM disc still, he stepped ahead to try out his new move. His tail starts to illuminate bright white light, like a light bulb. It became so bright that Danielle had to take out her sunglasses to cover her eyes. She then noticed a pathway that leads to a forest. But there was something else from afar...there was a lone Vulpix walking by inside the forest. It was sniffing the ground, but it was interrupted by the light from Ozzy. It looked up, glancing at the trainer and her Pokemon. Suddenly, the Vulpix threw spots of fire at them, becoming a bit cranky of the bright light.

“Ah!” Danielle screamed and tried to cover herself from the Ember. Mienfoo jumps ahead and pushes Danielle away. Ozzy, however, was taken a hit from the attack. Danielle fell on the ground, recovering quick by getting up. She thanked Mienfoo quick, but afterwards he decides to storm off once again. “Mienfoo! Where are you going?”

“Mien!” Mienfoo roared and runs off. Ozzy decides to run off with Mienfoo as well. The glow was starting to fade away slowly, as Danielle tried to catch up to it by standing up and running away.

“Guys!!! Get back here!!” Danielle yelled. She took out a Pokeball and released Sector.

“Yaaaaanma!” Sector cried, flying next to Danielle.

“Sector. Let's go. We gotta find Mienfoo and Ozzy, as well as that pesky little Vulpix!” Danielle shouted. It was only a matter of time to find them. Danielle was very grateful that Mienfoo pushed her away from the Ember. Now who knows if Ozzy is severely hurt from the Ember.

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