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    So here's my first update: on my Sapphire Water monotype:

    -Picked Mudkip, obviously. Named him Tuck. Figure I would name everyone after a New York Giant. It's funny to see "Tuck used Tackle!". Trained a bit, did all the intro material.

    -Caught a Wingull, named him Wilson.

    -Pretty much swept through everything up to the first Gym, where I decimated Roxanne. Tuck evolved into a Marshtomp after the battle.

    -Caught a Zigzagoon as an HM slave.

    -Went to Dewford Town, had my way with the whole gym using Wilson, who gained about 5 levels off the trainers.

    I leave off there for now. Honestly, it should be a breeze getting through the 4th gym. Might have some trouble with Daddy Norman, but I might end up levelling a Magikarp to Gyarados for back up.

    My team:

    Tuck the Marshtomp
    Level 16: Tackle, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Water Gun

    Wilson the Wingull
    Level 18: Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack