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    true... but for the record, i've been spriting some... so including what i've already got, i have around ~60ish? fakemon. We need to seriously think about using existing pokemon tho, since its taking a long time to get them looking decent enough to insert. I mean in my hack (that i'm going to make ) i was gonna use a regional dex of around 180, with only about 90-100 of them being fakemon.

    haven't been doing any tiles tho. So i think we should either get them off DA or use a rom base.

    I dont know about any of you guys, but i barely know anything about this hack. Since only Cosmo and Outkin (and a few other guys i guess) kno the actual plot and story, its like they're the only ones who can actually make progress.

    Ok heres a list of things i think we should work on:

    1. Pokedex. (I have a list of my fakemon, but i need to kno the other fakemon (types and names) as well as the originals we're using so i can make a semi-balanced list of pokemon.

    2. Moves. Are we using new moves? or just the old ones? A list of moves to be added would be good. (i hate the fact that in gen 3 and b4 bugs were only useful in the beginning.)

    3. Items. New items? New stones? New health potions, etc?

    4. Any new features we're planning on adding?

    I mean seriously. Its hard for me to even want to work on this hack cuz i hardly kno a thing about it. Thats why the only things i've been working on were things i could port over to my own hack later. z.z